About Us

Welcome to JMA Films, an innovative production company situated in the vibrant landscape of Brisbane, Australia. Our core expertise lies in crafting captivating film, video, and still media across diverse levels of complexity.

At JMA Films, versatility is our strength. We specialize in tailoring content for clients of varying scales, from esteemed agencies in pursuit of the next breakthrough commercial to individuals seeking to immortalize their special occasions. Whether you’re a burgeoning startup in need of compelling promotional material or a corporation eyeing a high-end ad campaign, our adaptable business model ensures top-notch deliverables every time.

With an illustrious legacy spanning over three decades in the broadcasting and film industry, we bring unparalleled experience to the table. Our team is adept at curating compelling narratives and visually engaging content that resonates with audiences across platforms.

JMA Films extends its services throughout every phase of filmmaking, from meticulous pre-production planning to flawless post-production finesse. Here’s a glimpse of our diverse production offerings:

  • Commercial Production (Broadcast Spots)
  • Live Event Coverage (Recording and Internet Streaming)
  • Creation of Promotional Materials
  • Corporate & Real Estate Media Development
  • ‘About Us’ Marketing Video Production
  • Online Media & Viral Video Creation
  • DRTV (Long-form and Short-form)
  • Production of Short Films & Documentaries
  • Motion Picture & Television Expertise
  • Proficiency in Animation
  • Video Editing Excellence
  • Transcoding/Codec Compression Expertise
  • Comprehensive Scriptwriting and Script Development

At JMA Films, we’re dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Our commitment to delivering excellence underpins every project we undertake. Let us be your creative partner in manifesting compelling visual stories that leave a lasting impact.