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SONY FS7 MKII Double full kit available (KIT1 and KIT2)

FS7 II dramatically improves the experience of shooting with Sony’s ultimate documentary camcorder and simply one of the world’s most versatile Super 35mm camcorders. A host of enhancements, from an all-new lens mount to world-leading Electronic Auto Variable ND system and enhanced ergonomics, transform the possibilities of what you can do. This camera is your best friend in any ENG situation, HD/4K recording, variable formats. Osmo Action cameras, and much more equipment. And if the project needs something special, we are able to handle it.

  • 1x Sony PXW-FS7 Camcorder
  • 1x Sony A7MKIII camera
  • Fujifilm cinema lenses
  • 4x V-Lock 150Wh battery
  • 4x 128GB XQD 1×256 GB XQD, 1x 32GB XQD, USB 3 card reader
  • 1x Electro voice mic w wireless 2x Sennheiser lapel mic wireless
  • 1x tripod, 6x light stand, 1x mini mic stand
  • 6x LED light panel 3.2K-5.6K, 1x headlight 3.2K-5.6K
  • Shogun 4K recording monitor
  • Ninja director`s monitor
  • DJI OSMO Action waterproof camera with gimbal up to 3m (2pcs)
  • 3 Axis gimbal, for a7MKIII, Slider
  • Tungsten light kit 3x650W w. colour gels
  • Florescent light kit 3x, with a softbox
  • and anything else you can imagine…*T&C apply

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