Going green…

We always think about the future, as a company as well, so we decided to reduce our carbon footprint as well.

Our first step is the battery, and light upgrade… our lights are industry standard LED lights are very energy efficent, but we used a normal AC power to recharge our batteries.

We are so exiceted from Q3 of 2019 our battery park is recharged by 100% solar source. This includes, camre, microphone, light and phone batteries.

In the near future our editing suites will also operate from 100% renewebale sources with in house solar system.

We are commited to upgrade our transportation system to fully electric during 2020.

… more to come

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About the author : Marton

I`m camera operator/director since 1992. Since that time, my life is full with fun and passion, because this is not just a job, its my lifestyle. :) and Yes I like it...

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